Yanukovich’s Close Friend Gained Access to Shale Gas Production in Ukraine

Dnepropetrovsk oblast council has passed 8 deposits of shale gas to the Golden Derrick Company last Friday.

According to Dmitriy Gnap's post on his blog,
the Dnepropetrovsk oblast governor Vilkul called the company's
involvement «attracting a powerful investor».
«The documented owner of the company is a Hungarian
attorney-at-law Peter Pallag. On paper he is the owner of the
Cypress Hartlog Limited Company which owns 70% of Golden Derrick.
30% of the Company belongs to Nadra Ukrainy National Joint Stock
Company (NJSC). This state share provides Golden Derrick with an
opportunity to receive gas deposits without any auctions. And it
does receive a lot of them. For instance, during the last half a
year the Company received 20 (!) deposits in Poltava oblast which
comprises 15% of the oblast territory — all of them for free!»,
writes Gnap.
The journalist managed to find out that Peter Pallag has
been working for the Prisyazhnyuk family for many years. «And
Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk is not only the Minister of Agriculture and
Industrial Policy of Ukraine but he is also Viktor Yanukovich's
close friend since Yenakiyevo times (the President's native town)
and a business partner of Yuriy Ivanyuschenko, etc., etc. That is
why it's not surprising that governor Vilkul calls him a powerful
investor. This man does have powerful things — connections and
appetite», writes the journalist.

Об этом сегодня сообщает Цензор.НЕТ.

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